Friday, March 06, 2009


I should get off my lazy ass and ride up to the downhill at Jorllo...

but i'm not gonna,
cuz i'm lazy, and i've got just enough time to
finish my work in the am 6:30-9:30 shopping
for the hotel, and day spa, then rush back to Pv..

at 10am, i'm gonna pack my bag, grab some beers and some pesos, and head for the bus stop..

on the ride up eat some breakfast y fumar algun desyuno... suguro,

Veinte kilometers avajo, llegar me casa en el pueblo.

me gusta Jorullo, me amigo Chewy vive arriba.
su casa es muy bonita, muy tranquilo.

su propiedad es grande, mucho travajar.

Yo neccisseto encontralo y nuvo manchete.

para limpiar la vereda

er something like that...

happy friday kids...
come down south.
it's nice.

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