Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This is what happens when I drink

While killing time waiting for the DK'd Willies show on Friday night I ended up drinking a bit more than I originally intended. I haven't drank more than two beers in almost 8 months. Well, after 8 or 9 beers I was feeling really friendly.

After the show (which was wicked!) several of us went to De Leon's for a burrito. While mounting up on my bike for the ride home these two young ladies walk by with black lace around their necks and matching sweaters. I asked the lady in the blue sweater if I could get a pic with her. She was more than happy to oblige and asked if I wanted her twin sister who was buying a braut with sourkraut in the pic too.


While posing a random dude wearing a Grandpa shirt jumped in the mix too. Random photo drunken awesomeness. Maybe I'll submit it to Hot Chicks with Douchebags.


Hoss said...

Yes... those look to be some hot chicks... and the "grandpa" fella is a nice addition as well.

Good drunk work, dude!

MG said...

that was funnier than shit... right before that, cornbread was riding right down the middle of O street. no shit.

MG said...

... i think i might have been too. i was with him.

NNs said...

yes, yes, yes and yes. i think right after this we all hammered a a silver bullet and went to watch some football. TWINS!!!