Friday, March 20, 2009

letting one of my babies go... 55cm Salsa La Cruz for sale

I can hardly believe it myself, but I've got to raise some funds for parts for the Big Mama, so I'm going to release my beloved La Cruz frameset to a good home. This is a Salsa 55cm, which is a sloping TT frame, so it fits a rider that would ride a traditional 58cm (level top tube) frame. I'm 6' 1" tall, with a 33-inch inseam and it fits me like a glove.

Please note, I'm selling frame with fork only. No stem, seatpost or any other parts. Please get a hold of me through the blog or on the phone (402.314.2150) if interested.

Thanks, and have a great weekend.



j.dill said...

How much are you selling the frame for? What kind of shape is it in?


MG said...

Hey Justin -- Thanks for your note and interest. I just sold the frame earlier this morning to a good buddy over in Iowa.

Have a great weekend!