Monday, March 23, 2009

Can't front on that

Beasties performing "So Whatcha Want" on Arsenio Hall with DJ Hurricane and Cypress Hill.

My favorite album ever, Check Your Head (1992) by Beastie Boys, is being remastered and reissued.

All y'all will able to download the remastered classic, produced by Mario Caldato Jr. and recorded at G-Son Studios (with the parkay floor), via the Beastie Boys' website come next Monday (March 30). A few other versions will be available for pre-order as well, including a 180 gram quadruple-vinyl set, wrapped in a coffee-table book case and limited to 2000 copies. Noice!

The release of this album, some 17 years ago, marks a very significant period of productive groundswell for the Beastie Boys. It was around this time that they established their record label and magazine, Grand Royal, along with their involvment in the X-Large clothing shop. They chose to forgo expensive L.A. studio time in favor of building their own recording space slash office playground. G-Son studio, complete with basketball court and skate ramp, was located in Atwater Village, CA. -->Extended friendly Beastie footnotes of this time period (and beyond) include more than one individual contributor of this, the Good Problem blog.

Recently, Mike and Adam and Adam confirmed that they'll be throwing a show at the Hollywood Bowl early this coming fall. Look for more dates as the weeks progress as they also plan on dropping a new album this year titled "Tadlocks Glasses." If you have never seen them live, you've never really had fun at a concert.

p.s. You can play this song at my funeral.


Jack Orin Spilberg said...

agreed - groundbreaking album

mw said...

i bought it the day it came out, rushed it home and boomed it on my newly built gold sound sys4's.

Endurosnob said...

This brings back a million great memories, including one of the best live shows I have ever seen.