Thursday, March 05, 2009

How's it Hangin'?

image via TreeHugger
For those of you not on the twitter bandwagon yet, you may have missed out on one of the greatest debates of our time.

After lunch yesterday, I got thrown off my game when I noticed that the toilet paper end was hanging under the roll as opposed to dangling over it.

Fortunately for you, the extra effort spent tearing my share of single-ply bliss from under the roll gave me time to pose the question, "How do most people hang their TP?"

So how about it? Are you an "over dangler" or an "under hanger"?

The results tallied from my followers on twitter show that 9/10 people dabble in the over dangle.


-mk- said...


sda said...

over. under is substandard and indicative of a malaise.

Templeton said...

Over for sure. I'll even flip it if its wrong.

J Grant Brittain said...

Over is proper.
But under keeps my cat from unrolling the whole roll.
I have recently had to leave the roll on the counter to keep our new puppy from grabbing the end and taking off through the house.

Cornbread said...


I hate when my roommates go under. Sons of bitchz! :)

nacho_supreme said...


sockrider said...

Over for me.

I guy I went to school with in Kearney did his senior design show on this exact topic. He actually did research into TP roll preference. Over was like 60-75% preferred.

Dave said...

When it's under, the paper rubs against the wall and makes the paper unsanitary (in my mind).

theProgram said...

i don't really pay attention. but dave, you're really worried about unsanitary TP? you do realize you're putting in your ass right? and that there are trace amounts of faecal matter on everything in your house?