Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Dude, Where's My Cat?

"Deputies say man stuffed cat inside 'bong'"

Long live the local newspaper.


sockrider said...

Favorite comments from FARK:

On the bright side, the kitty went on to win 8 gold medals.

Damn it!! Now the cat will start to enjoy jam bands and talk about what’s wrong with politics and how only it can change the world!

Now it will want Phish.

rfresh said...

i like that moustache he's working on. it's coming in pretty good.

The New Guy said...

Thanks for the link to the local newspaper Kevin.

Our local newspaper was the first on the scene to cover this story and first news/media agency to get the story published on the web with photo of the "bong".

When you google "cat bong" or "kitten bong" the Journal Star is not in the top 50 results.

Even Beerorkids site (photo) gets listed before the original creator of this breaking story/photo.

Local reporter's salary:
Local photographer's camera:
Copy and paste:

DADAH said...

Is that cat craving chips and Dew?

sda said...

Love the quotes from Bob Downey. That guy is a classic Lincoln character. And he's got nice taste in bicycles.

-kw said...

The New Guy,
You are subtle and confusing.