Monday, March 09, 2009

Can't Find My Tape Measure

Thought the tape measure was in my desk. It wasn't.
Found some other stuff, though.

I cut the tags out of most shirts. They drive me nuts. I guess I throw them in my drawer.

Go to almost twenty years of trade shows and you'll get handed a ton of business cards. I just found 99 of them.

Still no tape measure.


nic said...

haha awesome!

jCrew?! you baller!

-kw said...

Found the tape measure. It was with our collection of key chains.

Beerorkid said...

doesnt the cut tag irritate you more?

The wife bought me 8 tape measures yesterday because I loose them so often. She cool.

theProgram said...

i normally loose the tape measure in my pocket or even worse, in my hand.

-mk- said...

Yes! One of my old cards is in there! Third row from bottom, fifth from left. A shot of my brother the first time we rode White Ranch in Golden, CO.