Friday, August 08, 2008


I know, this looks like a jug of gas,
and it kinda is...

Wim my boss at Verana went on a trip and picked up two jugs like this of Reserva de Patron.

no it's not from the Patron family, no, some small little distillery, this is their anjeo, you buy this wooden cask barrel, fill it from the jugs and drink it from there.

I just happened to have come home with one of the jugs
during the end of the party drunk fest that was chimo.

I've had my fair share of tequila's and I've tasted some 200 dollar bottles of some nice stuff, this, blows it away, you can drink it like it's nothing, it's awesome.

I have to give it back tonight... the little lady and I have been dipping into it a bit though.
that could be a good problem...

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-kw said...

looks like pee.