Monday, August 25, 2008

Sofa King Fresh

Hi. I'm Robbie. For those that don't know me, I'm Kev's little brover. I've been a regular contributor to Good Problem since you were in a wet diaper and now I am reaching out to this growing population of Problem Havers - YOU.

I am working on a project that involves couches and couch related activity and I could really use your help, contribution, and collaborative spirit.

I want a photo of your couch. That's all.

  • First, peep the couch photo examples in this post and keep this style of couch framing in mind when mentally preparing for your couch photo shoot.
  • Next, take a few seconds to square up your digi-cam and snap me a photo of your living-room cruiser.
  • Finally, email me your couch photo. Send it to robbiefresh at Make sure the file you send is nice and high res. Hook me up with your couch photo by this Wednesday if you can :)
That's it. I'll use the photo of your couch in an upcoming vid project I'm working on and be eternally grateful. Tell your pals, pass it on. The more the better - I need a ton.

I'll love you forever.

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