Monday, August 25, 2008

Olympic Coverage

I didn't watch much of the Olympics. Frankly I could care less who is the fastest runner/swimmer/kayaker/whateverer. I did stumble upon NewsWeek's Visions OF China blog by NewsWeek's photographers. For me the photos are far more interesting than the televised event. Plus they give a good bit of insight about how the shots where made and their motivations for shooting this way or that. It would be interesting to see how these guys would shoot skateboarding. Judging form how they shot diving, they would probably isolate the skater in the air with no context as to where he is going or where he came from.


Steve Hill said...

you definitely make an interesting point. So much of skateboarding photography is about showing the spot that is being skated.

fob said...

Great photos! Another photo blog I frequent is the Boston Globe's Big Picture

Lots of Olympics stuff, plus great photo journalism.