Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Good show fella!

The Ponca ride was a blast. Lots of miles with friends. My hat goes off to Wills for the route and the navigation. Thanks again buddy!

Gersib, DK and I were a bit ahead of the group while we was closed in on Ponca. We rolled by the Messerschmidt farm and this fella came running out to greet us. Now I've had all kinds of negative experiences with dogs on gravel rides, but this wasn't the case. This fella was very friendly and obviously stoked to have someone to run with. The fella ran ahead of us up a very long stteep hill and kept turning around to see if we were still there.

"Yeah! We're coming! Slow down dawg!"

The dog was flying and smokin' us up the hills. After a mile or two, we began to get concerned that we were getting too far from the dog's farm. So I decided to drop the hammer up the next roller. It was tough and I slowly pulled away, but the dog wasn't giving up! The dog was running at top speed to catch me. After a couple hills I began to get concerned that I might be running the dog into it's grave.

Luckily the rest of the crew spotted the dog as they rolled by. Jim commented that the dog's tongue was hangin' out to the ground. Whew, the dog was still alive.

Good show fella! See you next year.

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sda said...

ask mw or rocke about "lucky the wonder dog" sometime. similar situation but with a different ending.