Thursday, August 21, 2008

Crested Butte Trip

Mountain Bike

Dirt Bike

Mini Bike

More pics here.


Jenks said...

Great photos. Beautiful location.

The Sower said...

thanks jenks! the location is almost unreal . . . but i'd be lying if i said those photos were straight from a lens. in fact, i removed a large SUV from the top photo and added yellow flowers. i also had to remove an occasional boner from nate's riding britches but those 9 cans of old chub taped together are for reals!

so said...

love the rain photos
i find that when it rains you always want to cover yous camera---don't want to mess the camera up---after years i am realizing that some my best shots are right before you pack up the camera in a rain storm

The Sower said...

yo so!

there were plenty of opportunities for the rain photos in CB: it rained on us everyday. i borrowed a submersible waterproof camera from my g-friend for the trip. i have some underwater video of the stream crossings as well as cutthroat trout in rocky mnt. nat. park. with sound!