Friday, August 15, 2008

Nothing New

Some of you might have read the post "Bad To Get Mad?" a few weeks back. A bit lengthy, it recounted two of the many close calls I've experienced when the driver of a car has—without provocation—aggressively swerved or otherwise purposefully driven in a way that required I take evasive action to avoid getting run off the road. The latest episode happened on July 17th. Thankfully, no humans were harmed in the making of this history.

Disturbingly—and during the exact same time period—similar things were happening to cyclists all over the country, as reported by Bob Mionske on the Velo News web site. As Mionske points out, the incidents are really nothing new. What may be new, however is that some notice is now being taken of this ubiquitous car-on-bike aggression—maybe because more people are riding bikes to ease the burden of gasoline prices, or maybe because it's becoming harder and harder to hide the fact that most people aren't very nice.

Watch your back.


-kw said...

And, yeah ... there's always this.

rfresh said...

crap. what happened in this photo? Where is it from? Insane