Tuesday, August 12, 2008

but i like brussel sprouts

so we were down in crested butte last week. camped outside of gothic at one of those national forest service campgrounds. nice little place, only 4 spots in there so it was pretty chill. at any rate, one of the neighboring parties consisted of a nuclear family - mom, dad, a daughter (5) and a son (2).

the daughter was a delightful little scamp who wouldn't leave us alone. she was entertaining enough, but in all honesty she was kind of cramping our style. the son was pretty funny and harmless enough, for a two year old he stayed out of stuff pretty well (except the back of my truck, which is full of fish hooks and the like ... no harm no foul i guess). the parents were nice to chat with - he is an aeronautical engineer and she is the head software developer at IBM in boulder or something. kind of the perfect little boulder family. initially i was thinking they were one of the nicer families i've met from the peoples republic, actually.

but that all changed when the lady told me she was from belgium. goddamn interlopers. spreading their lies. why can't they just let us be happy in our mediocrity?

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