Saturday, July 04, 2009

i live in cali, i'm going to the docotor


time to take advantage of the law here,
i'm a busy guy, work lots, lots to do, lots of stress

I need something to help me calm down at night, and to help relive
my aches and pains.

and seeing as how there is a medical pot store outlet in oakhurst (45 min down the road )

I think it's high time I get my ass in gear and get my perscription filled.

tell me you wouldn't do the same,
ok, maybe you wouldn't, but your not me.

got any advice?


Rick is not Serious said...

Wait a second. I live in Fresno. Is someone who is actually a part of this blog from around here to? I'm a fan to say the least.

cvo said...

hey rick, i'm cvo. we live close to each other this summer. what up

drop me a line

Arnold said...
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