Wednesday, July 22, 2009

i got pulled over by the LAW the other day

I've got this wicked 90's chevy pickup truck with mexican license plates.

the other day, we were driving up the mountain from town ( 45 min ride )

I saw the cop coming towards us, slow down as he passed us and then start turning around. I just pulled over and waited for him.

when he pulled up behind me he was like
wtf are you doing???

oh hi officer, I had a feeling you were going to pull me over, Mexican plates and all, I knew it was only a matter of time.

The cop didn't think I was funny, he was like, sir, this area is a HUGE WEED growing area,

NO SHIT? i asked, he kinda looked at me, mind if we search your truck.... go ahead I told him, nothing but trash and empty beer cans in the back. in front a floor full of sun flower seeds... He then kindly asked if he could take our picture.

I asked if we could make sure we got the dog in the pic. So Sonia, Chili and I said cheeze out back of our truck while two younger cops figured out what we were doing and then asked if
they could get the same gig...

winter in mexico, summer in yosemite..

dig it.

still havn't found any weed up here. sons of bitches.

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-kw said...

you should have asked those cops where the weed was.