Thursday, July 02, 2009

Calling all LNK-ers

I will be visiting from July 24 - 30 and would love a loaner bike again. My twin, Eric from Monkey Wrench lent me a sweet single speed steed last time, so anyone who can help me out I would give a big smooch to. kw or Ortiz could help with the transaction if necessary. And of course, I assume all responsibility.

This picture reminds me of when I was a student in the beautiful Dutch city of Amsterdam. I never had a bike stolen. I had many a bike literally "fall apart" and get ditched by the side of the road. But never stolen. I feel very fortunate in comparison to every single person I knew who had at least one bike stolen that year, usually more.


MG said...

I'd be happy to let you borrow one of my bikes. Eric and Ortiz are both GBs of mine, so it'll be easy to make it happen.

I'm going to be out of town over a few of those days though, so I'll want to get the bike down to MWC before I go, so maybe we'll just do it that way.


highdesertsultan said...

I don't think mwc would want to hang on to a bike in their small shop. kw is my bro-in-law and ortiz is like a brother to me. so hopefully one of them can hold it. If I have to wait til you get back from out of town I can do that too. thanks for the loaner