Monday, June 02, 2008

I wish any of my problems today were Good Problems

Whoever is up next; post something that can pull my fist out of the wall.
The bottom line is I'm trying to make some last minute wedding purchases with a guy who refuses to use Paypal. Like were still in the twentieth century or something.
On the bright side and keeping with my trend I started last week, I'm a skinsuit and non-thermal booties away from being a TT expert. I had to go most of the way across Hennepin county diagonally in rush hour and crushed out the 20ish miles in under an hour. It was badass I tell ya'.

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Anonymous said...

Jesus! The world is about to end!Somebody doesn't use PayPal. God Forbid. Holy Shit, The GNP is going into a nosedive as a result. For Crissakes use cash and get over yourself. Get your fist out of the wall, your head out of your ass and quit whining. It looks bad for such a bad ass.

Blogstyle said...

Hey pal, I just wanted one thing to go smoothly, like all other interweb transactions using paypal unless your identity has been hijacked. Can you send me some money via by Friday? Good luck.