Monday, June 30, 2008

Answering the Anglophone

I've decided to move to Montreal. I don't speak French. I don't really know what to expect. Anyone who's visited the capital of French-Canada knows how truly boss the city can be.

What will living there be like? Do I have enough cash and gumption to find work and quality living arrangements? Will the long winter hurt super bad? Will it be another poignantly defining locale in which to explore people, life, and all things awesome? I suppose all of my questions will be answered soon enough.

What do you know about living in Montreal?


mw said...

wish i knew more.

i don't know shit.

ti said...

I know that the coldest I've ever been was in Montreal. We went there to film mike watt play with some montreal dudes in one of the early shoots for We Jam Econo. It was December and I wanted to see some of the city after the show Walked around for 10 minutes and my snot was frozen solid inside my nose.
The show and the scene were very cool though, seemed like lots of cool art, and the 10minutes of architecture that I took in were all time.

sda said...

i know they have kick ass public transit.