Friday, June 20, 2008

when I crave a bike ride, it's not just get up, grab bike and goooo. oh no....

wake up in hammock in the dark,
grab flashlight, open hammock
check for scorpions.

go downstairs to the bathroom,
check for scorpions,

drop kids off at the pool,

grab essentials, wallet, i pod, radio
keys, lighter, beer, and whatnot

20 min walk to town pier,
hit up first boat outa Yelapa,

30 min to boca,
grab the buss

30 min to pv

the plan,
para ver mi amor Sonia
montar mi Karate Monkey

try to get in a few kilometers before
having to go back to boca at 1pm for work...

I couldn't talk Sonia into going for a ride, cuz she had to work, but she did bust out some riding pics...


rfresh said...

your posts are confusing, as always, but you are still awesome.

with love,

cvo said...

that's how i rolll