Friday, June 27, 2008

Kw is always on point

you know, ever since Kw started this daily
Gp blog thing... where we all have to submit a post on our given day,

I have to say..

this blog has always kicked ass.

but now, it kicks even more ass, I love seeing everyone's posts each day,,, or looking back over the week since I don't get to my computer every day..

and every Friday, Kw sends me that e-mail..dude. it's your day...

I always remember, but today, I would have totally blown it off if it wern't for that e-mail reminder... hell, up till a little bit ago, I wasn't even planning on busting out the computer today just cuz of the cloud cover, ( we run on satalight here, and with clouds, means no internet..)

especially dark storm clouds..

Today, I went to the Marietta's again, first time in like a month. we found a couple of sea turtles gettin it on, and decided to check it out... turtle porn isn't very uh, arousing..... now, give me a mexican donkey show, and man, I have to stay seated for a bit...

but i digress....

hmmm, good problem, good problem.... hmmmmm

so, lets see, it's hot, way hot, africa hot, tarzan couldn't take this hot...

if it stays hot, and sunny. no clouds... I can watch tv, run the compter, sweat.
if it rains, it cools off, but no computer, no tv.. no electricty...
but oh man is it ever comfortable..

I'm hopping the problem of rain happens tonight, even though not everything stays dry in my room....

austa manana... amigos

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