Friday, June 13, 2008


ok, so my computer blew itself up.

uh, always, ALWAYS shut down your computer properly,

even your laptops, or this could happen to you,

now, I'm using a mac, first time trying to blog on a mac,

I have no idea where the pictures are that I just tried to upload
onto this computer from my camera, I can't find them.

so, I figure I'll get a new machine when I come back to the states,
probably a 2nd hand mac. yup, once you go mac, you never go back
aye star dude hero.

he's got a boner right now that I said that...
but yeah, I'm ready to head over to the dark side.
or is it, leave the dark side behind me?

anyone got any good leads on a used mac. let me know
i'm in the market, 500-700 range

now, if I could just figure out how to upload pics on this thing, darn thing is in spanish,

no bueno