Wednesday, June 04, 2008


DIY BMX style


-kw said...

give us a little back story on this.
I know you worked on the spot and i know you've worked with Fuzzy before.
what else is up?

so said...

hi ho KW
sorry i am slow
in college i dreamed about making a short film about a dude digging in the middle of nowhere for no apparent reason
later i met fuzzy

Fuzzy is legend in BMX and has build his career around digging jumps
he is called the God father of BMX dirt jumping
also because of Fuzzy a whole bunch of BMX dirt jumper can make a living---like Mike Atkin(in this spot)
Mike is grew up around Fuzzy.
So Because of Fuzzy, Mike has taken it 100 steps beyond Fuzzy.
There is big time respect both ways in this relationship.
So that is where the idea came from.
I am happy with this one.

another note:
I feel BMX Dirt Jumping is the true spirit of BMX
little kids with nothing more than a bike and shovel making...what ever you want to call it ---a scene---or sport or... what ever.--serious DIY
It is not BMX kids at skatepark ripping of skateboard trick names---don't get me wrong some kids at skateparks on bikes can be rad---with the size of the wheels they can do stuff a skatboard could never dream of...(kent dahlgren's idea)