Thursday, April 16, 2009

Where is this?

A couple of weeks ago on mountain bike action they had these and 3 other photos posted as a guess where this is section. Among the pictures were short captions that gave you additional clues. I don't think this was a contest of any kind, more of a test your bike knowledge exam. I am not trying to turn my weekly post into a "I-live-somewhere-cooler-than-you", merely trying to get you snow and dirt riders stoked on getting out there the best way I can. The first photo is one of my all time favorite views on a bike, the trail is not particularly hard, just beautiful. The last is of my neighbor Kirt Voreis who not only rips on his bike, but has some mini-ramps in his garage that has several spines and 3 bowled corners. He lets anyone use it anytime also. So maybe don't move here, but you should at least try and come visit. We'd love to buy you a beer.


rfresh said...

that being said - you do live in a cooler place than most of us, as far as the great outdoors go central Oregon is hard to beat.

Shout outs due to Utah, Nebraska, Cali, Minnesota, Nova Scotia too!

David said...

Hey, I live in Bend, Sultan. Does your neighbor let skaters ride too, or is this a bikes-only deal? I could ride my state-of-the-art (circa 1993) Raleigh hybrid there, carrying my board on the handlebars like I used to in 9th grade.