Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sea Otter

When the "Sea Otter Classic" started (early 90's) lot's of us grumbled about it calling itself a "Classic." Lame as it had just been birthed and could hardly claim "classic" status. Regardless, that first year i jumped into the sport class xc race, did my thing, and never went back for more......Then i started working in the bike industry. Well, now i go. All i can say is that sometimes i see things i don't normally get close to(dual slalom racing), that i get to see a bunch of friends who i might only see once a year, and somebody usually shows up with a new toy that we're all going to want.

Lev Stryker(above): I learned to ride bikes with Lev and now he co-owns Cog Wild Tours in Bend, OR.
My first in-person view of this year's SPEEDVAGEN track bike.

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