Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bike Shop

I love the bike shop. Everybody should have a "bike shop" to love too. I happen to work two doors down from mine. It's in between the sushi restaurant and beer station, so dropping by happens pretty often. Some days, just for fun... because I know they love it when I do this... I become that guy with nothing to do, who just comes in to talk, when everybody is super busy working. Yeah, I'll just walk right up to my buddy Mike and stand with that uncomfortable distance between us, while he's with a customer. The distance that says, I'm right here, but I'm gonna pretend like I don't need attention right away, even though I want it anyway. OH GOSH, who doesn't love that happening to them.

Today was one of those days that upon entering, I realized everyone was too busy to talk with anyone they know wasn't there to spend money. Just as I was going in for the hover, a friend diverted my attention and I quickly lost any ambition to intentionally annoy people, abandoning my prey for the sure deal. The weather has recently turned warm, so we began talking about bikes, bike riding and where each of us have ridden so far this year. This is what I like to call the exchange of information, a.k.a the pissing contest. What better place to have one, at least among friends, than in the bike shop where loads of strangers can see how cool you are? Of course, other folks quickly piped up with their stories, new old faces walked through the door. And before you knew it, I had plans to go ride with someone this weekend, had some more information regarding some trails I hadn't yet seen this year and gained some fatherly advice from just some guy I know from around. Thank you bike shop, how did I ever get by with you.

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