Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Brent's Pista Stolen

Keep an eye out:

Last night I was having a drink at Starlight until 1:15 am. When I emerged my bike wasn't where I had locked it. So, could you call the attention of your countless bike people friends to keep an eye out for it? I will call the bike shops today.

Its specs:
2006 chrome 59cm Bianchi Pista
Serial Number 86J07966
Aftermarket: Cane Creek front brake, bullhorn handlebars wrapped black, toe clips, pride, joy.
The end. Thanks.

Respond in the comments if you know anything.


sockrider said...

How'd they get through the lock? What kind of lock?

brent said...

Handcuffs. I know, I know. An easy pick.

so said...

sorry about the bike
i really really really hate bike thieves with all my heart mind mite and soul
i hope you find it

MG said...

sorry to hear about your bike, man. i'll keep an eye out for it.

good luck,