Wednesday, November 05, 2008

And Obama Wins

As soon as I heard Jon Stewart announce the winner, the fireworks began going off in my neighborhood. Then my neighbor Travis and I rolled down to Duffy's on our bikes just in time to hear Obama's speech. They were playing it on the street through loud speakers. We went inside and everyone was glued to the screens, completely quiet. I had to whisper to Chandra what we wanted for drinks because it was so quiet in the bar.

Alex commented to me later at Bricktop, he's never been in the bar when everyone has shut up like that to hear something.

I agree.

I'm just happy, NO MORE BUSH!


rfresh said...

I just moved to Montreal from Lincoln last weekend. My girlfriend and I went down to the corner pub and it was full of people watching CNN results. When Barack was announced everyone cheered and bought bottles of champagne as we waited for Barack to speak, everyone was so happy. I was surrounded by french speaking Canadians - when Barack spoke people cheered throughout the speach and were silent otherwise. It was like the one minute in time where being American was actually the coolest thing to be on the globe. One girl even congratulated me :)

11:11 said...

I too was hanging with foreigners. . . Got many congratulations hi-fives and tight hugs. It's so great knowing what was going on down at Duffy's too. Awesomeness all around.

sockrider said...

The American Indian at Duffys still gave the one finger salute to Obama. I think he just doesn't like the U.S. government at all, must be that whole genocide thing in the late 1800s.