Thursday, November 27, 2008

Wainy Days

y'all know who David Wain is right? he had his grubby mitts all over the State, STELLA, Wet Hot American Summer, the TEN, and out in theaters right now, Role Models (which is a MUST SEE). Anyhow, hes about the most brilliant mind comedy has ever seen if you axe me, and trust me i know you didnt axe, but this is how the internet works, i get to say and do pretty much anything i want! and what i want to say is what i just said, and what i want to do it put you onto Wainy Days... a 26 part web series, i suggest spending your thanksgiving days off watching them all, each is about 4 minutes, so you can handle it foe-sho.

click the image above or anywhere you see "Wainy Days"


AKIRA said...

Hi Todd !!!! whats good wiz u? been busy? i was gona say Hi on myspace but u deleted it huh?! anywayz have a good turkyday☆ ow yea imma watch dem vids later on!!!!!

rfresh said...

david wain is rad