Wednesday, November 12, 2008

SSCXWC - Quite possibly the most awesomest race ever

Former Lincolnite Matt Slaven representin'

I've never been to this event, but gotta pencil it in for next year. Looks like a blast. Wilhelm was there and I'm excited to hear a story or two. Historically, the winner isn't the first person to cross the finish line. It's all about having a great time on the bike. Maybe we can borrow a few ideas for our Lincoln cross races coming up.

Check out more photos here from Cyclocross Magazine. So many great pics...Braveheart start, Adam Craig with a little person in tow on a trailabike, bubble machine, windmill!

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scott showen said...

nah, you know they take it way to serious here in big ol lincoln for some of those hi jinx.