Monday, November 10, 2008

found networking opportunity in my new city

(From actual Craigslist Groups posting - Montreal)

Dance Party every week at my home

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Date: 2008-10-09, 7:34PM EDT

Need to get active at least once a week? Are you a closet great dancer? Do you have an outlet for your passion?

Join me and about 10 others to dance to great Motown, disco and other great dancing tunes at my apartment (large living room). Each week one of us can 'lead' the song or songs for about about an hour. If it sounds cheesey, or awkward don't worry, it is. But it's also honest, and fun.

I will guide us through the first night and then the music will carry us forward.

Get sweaty, have fun and we'll share a tea or glass of wine after.

This is going out to people of ages between 25 - 55!

Email me with questions. I am really just wanting a couple of folks to dance up a Motown storm with once or twice a week.


elisabeth said...

that's really quite adorable

so said...

if that is not some wierdo
that really would be rad!
Where do i sign up?
but then again maybe it would even be sweeter if it was a wierdo.
as an old friend use to say,
"There is nothing sadder than a pervert without a partner"
you know you just gotta find you soul mate some how.

Peggy Wilkins said...

Are you going Rob?

rfresh said...

jeeze - i dunno