Thursday, June 11, 2009


why did my drier have to stop heating?
why do i think i can fix everything if i have an exploded view of it?

maybe cuz i'm cheap and handy?


A.B. said...

It seems I'm just like you.
Cheap? Check.
Handy? ... Half check.

I just fixed my washer. (pulled out a baby sock that was stuck in the pump) You learn a lot about how things work by taking them apart. Just make sure you can get them back together. (the ignition switch in my car was a scary one!)

sda said...

clothesline. now get off my lawn.

NNs said...

whats wrong with it? driers are one of those things that are way easier to repair than most people think.

mw said...

no heat, everything else appears to work ok. the research i've done shows theres a few different relays and fuses i need to check, one at a time. the heater element passes a current so i figure it's still good.

MG said...

nice... i pass gas, so i figure i'm still good.

good luck!

Cornbread said...

You should turn that dryer into a Transformer.

Anonymous said...

I think it just wants to be spray painted.