Thursday, June 04, 2009

Professional photographer, I am not.

Well, in case you're wondering, NO... my neighbor still hasn't mowed his lawn. Even after I called the realtor a week ago, posing as a perspective buyer, telling him about the lawn. But that's not what today's post is about.

Many of you who read this are involved in media as a career. Today I am also a contributor. The two close up food photographs at the bottom of the page were taken by me for a blog entry 6mo ago. A local glossy tourist magazine did a feature on picnic friendly restaurants and we got chosen for the article. They asked us to submit our own photos (really credible mag?), so I had a friend do the basket shot outside the restaurant and I contributed the others. My first photo cred. Awesome. Even if my wife thinks all of them suck.


mw said...

i mowed my lawn, twice.

DADAH said...

I Like the photo.

Call the noxious weed board and tell them your obnoxious neighbor is growing weed in his yard. Then find a phone booth because of caller ID then call the TV station and tell them you are casual observer walking the neighborhood and you think they should do a story on mary jane farming and meth labs at that address. And call the cops and tell them the press is doing this story about the above and give them the address. Then call your neighbor from the phone booth and tell him that he's an asshole and that the cops and the news are coming over because you reported to them that he beats his wife. Then call his wife from a phone booth and tell her you are his gay lover and that he said he was going to leave her and you want to know when. Coordinate it all to take place at the same time after you call the local Toro dealer requesting a demo at that address cause you will be buying a lawn mower today, then call Lawn Boy and tell them the same thing. Fuck those lousy neighbors.

mw said...

that's good stuff.

food is tough to photog---nice work.

highdesertsultan said...

Only a couple of flaws in said plan Kemper,

First, weed is legal in Oregon, or at least the cops don't really seem to care. Also, if you know of a phone booth still in existence, I will definitely think about it.

But actually, I will probably mow the asshole's 200 sq ft of seeding lawn and dandelion on Saturday when I do my own 200 sq ft.

He still sucks,... actually, they still suck.


DADAH said...

OK forget the weed thingy, since it's legal. I'll call from a phone booth in Lincoln. We still have one or two. I will report the guy as a terrorist bomb maker in addition to the meth stuff and say that he works for a wall street stock broker named Madoff and is a banker embezzling stimulus funds from GM and is running an illegal house of prostitution. Get into that white collar area of crime a little.

Peggy Wilkins said...

Kemp has too much time on his hands :-)and the photos are excellent - make me hungry