Monday, June 01, 2009

Thoughts In Anticipation (slight return)


This is the spirited steed that I'll be astride for the Rapha Ride tomorrow — the Salsa Podio.

While it’s no custom ti beauty or some jealousy inducing classic steel rig, don’t be mistaken, it's a very fine road bike judged by any standard, and in the two months that I've had the Podio, it’s stood up respectably on all the stages I’ve pushed in out onto — rainy afternoon journeys, a few Wednesday worlds, and the ultimate platform (at least for the immediate future), gravel road rides.

The shape you see it in here is exactly as it will be piloted all day on Tuesday — 100psi 25s, a fresh computer, a spare tube, and a pump. Simple. The forecast is for rain and more rain, so it’ll also be covered in a wet grit, but it’s no more and no less than any of us will be needing on our century and a half north to Ponca.

We hope.

The rest of our companions are on their way here right now from MLPS and should arrive just in time for The Oven and a beer, and then all the anticipation will be done.

Long live long rides.


Cornbread said...

Have fun Kevin! Say hi to the yellow lab from the Messerschmidt Farm for me. Tell him I'll be by in a few weeks.

Anonymous said...

have a great ride kev! get the route dried out for us.