Wednesday, October 01, 2008

with your time

* audience participation post *

Here is an idea that I think about sometimes ...
What did you do with all your time as a kid before you could drive a car and thoughts of sex fouled up everything. Maybe these things that filled our days as kids should be what we should do for a living. I think that I really loved to draw, take pictures and play in the darkroom, shoot super 8 films, ride and fix bikes, and I couldn’t get enough of skateboarding.
What about you folks? Is what did as a kid what you do for a living?
(photo: me skating in the late 70s--shizz i'm old)


sda said...

i did a lot of drawing, building things out of legos, and fixing/riding bicycles. somehow i think it ties into my urban transportation planning gig.

-kw said...

I drew a lot, too. I skateboarded. I rode bikes. I slid down grassy hills on cardboard boxes. I jumped from swings. I sleded. I swung from willow branches. I explored ditches. I threw dirt clods. I played kickball. I snuck rides on mini bikes. I went swimming. I hit cars with snowballs. I played Atari. I work editing a magazine about skateboarding and almost all those things prepared me for my job.

so said...

hell yes KW
that is what i am talking about
being a punk ass kid for sure prepared you for being an editor of a skateboard magazine
you are proving my philosophy

rfresh said...

I played the violin, rode my bike everywhere, recorded mix tapes off the radio, rapped, made faces in the mirror for hours and produced my own public access show in 7th and 8th grade. Damn that was fun.

I don't play violin anymore :)