Thursday, October 02, 2008

Stolen Kona Jake out there. Peel them eyes

From campus downtown. Looks like pic above, but has black fenders.

Info here.


sockrider said...

Hope he contacted campus police. There's hundreds of cameras around campus.

Anonymous said...

I did, filed a report, officer didn't mention anything about cameras in the area (around Arch hall, kind of hidden by trees and stairs)

-kw said...

Have you given a heads up to the bike shops? That's yielded good results in the past.
Also might want to visit the pawn shops. They see a lot of stolen bikes.

abedrous said...

I teach in Arch hall M,W, and F and I think my room is right by where your bike must have been. there's some wierd sculpture thing in the grass by it. That really sucks.

Anonymous said...


Yeah, it was by the east entrance to the old building.

I am planning on visiting bike shops/pawn shops this saturday, I have had no time today or tomorrow.

Thanks for the advice and keep your eyes peeled!