Friday, September 05, 2008

whew, almost missed it today...

you got any knives or bazokas?

crap.. yes,
I have a morter, oh wait, nope no, bazokas.
just this motar,

" you can go about your buisness, get that running light fixed though,, have a good ride at platte river..,
I hear the bacon is kick ass, you boys enjoy a few laps first..."

"yes sir"

"you givin me lip boy...???, i wana see 10 miles on those computers when I stop your ass on the way home, you hear me boy.."

"yes sir"

"and that average better be over 9mph or your gonna answer to mr shocky, now get outa here before them damn horses start runnin..."

"go butch go....."


sockrider said...

Driving a VW bus is probable cause.

cvo said...

brown volvo, and he really did ask us if we had any knives or bazokas..

ask butchy...

Anonymous said...

MW helped me fix the lights and i went down to the cop shop and had a fella sign off on the fix-r-ticket.

We should go again!