Tuesday, September 16, 2008

get yer 'cross on

speaking of local 'cross pictures ....

this is scanned image of yours truly at the 1994 (i think) nebraska state "cyclocross" championships (held in april, of course!!). team kaos hosted this event to satisfy our uscf club requirements. i think only one person had a 'cross bike and it might have been borrowed from rokke. i'm pretty sure we had the barriers set beyond the uci maximum. like 30 inches or something crazy.

if memory serves correct, schlake got first, mod got second, and i got third. maybe 20 riders showed up across all categories. wow things have changed - and for the better that is for sure!

except for that jersey. i still have it and still wear it.


Cornbread said...

Old school! I didn't even own a bike in 1994.

sda said...

we had bikes but we really didn't know what we were doing when it came to 'cross. the calculus for putting on the cx championship was that it was waaaaay easier to hold an off-road race at branched oak and call it a 'cyclocross' instead of pulling the permits to put a road race on ... path of least resistance and all that.