Wednesday, September 03, 2008


last year i needed a ramp builder and a skater for a shoot
kw said you should use jeff chase
i knew jeff
so cool
we hire jeff and take him to my parent’s (grandma and grandpa) ranch in the middle of no-where utah for a week
bought him a case of beer and got him some tools
jeff is a hard core skateboarder
so we are at the ranch with grandma, grandpa and jeff
jeff is happy there
drinking beer while playing cards with grandma and grandpa
we tell jeff we can take him where ever he wants
he says no and goes bird watching with grandpa
he wanders though the desert
and then appears with stuff he finds
he finds material to start a fire and spends an entire day trying to start a fire without a match
he built the ramp in no time---flat
and his skating is beyond magic too


-kw said...

jeff is nebraska. jeff is skateboarding.

sockrider said...

jeff is a badass sk8r. lets see some vid!