Tuesday, September 09, 2008

career opportunity

Do you have knowledge and skills in the generation of countermeasure plans and vulnerability assessments? An ability to do GIS analysis? Generate and maintain databases? Manipulate software and incident models? Do you have the ability to act as trusted liaison and obtain National Security Secret Clearance? How are your skills in countermeasure and security analysis? Can you communicate effectively with other agencies as well as the general public?

Do you have a working knowledge of the
National Incident Management System (NIMS), the Consequence Assessment Tool Set (CATS - for modeling effects of chemical releases and blasts, of course!) and buffer-zone protection plans (BZPP)?

If so, the State of Wyoming wants to hire you as their weapons of mass destruction coordinator.

Now who among us hasn't wanted to coordinate some weapons of mass destruction at one time or another? Eh?


nacho_supreme said...

Fucked up! Isnt this shit supposed to be a bit more high profile than like, craigslist?

jenks said...

That's Wyoming for you. Home of Dick Cheney.

Anonymous said...

I"m so qualified for this job.