Thursday, September 04, 2008

Adventure Touring Lust...

Fargo... Go far. Learn more at the Salsa Cycles Website. Photo: Salsa Cycles


-kw said...

Looks amazing.
And I'm really interested in the Podio, too.
Looks like Salsa's been hard at work.

mw said...

that's not 72.5HA

it was a beautiful bike to witness in person on g-ted's death ride. i was impressed by how purposeful/yet flexible that bike appeared to be.

mw said...

hey. is that a representation of the complete bike that they are offering?

MG said...

It is the complete bike, but it doesn't come with the pump, rack or the cages... Those are extra. But the rest of the parts -- drivetrain, wheels, etc... those are representative of what will come on the complete bike.

BTW, the Podio is definitely a winner too. In fact, -kw, if you like your Chili Con Crosso, you'll love the Podio. It's essentially a road-going evolution of many of the concepts pioneered on the CCC.

2009 is gonna' be a good year to ride Salsa!