Tuesday, February 19, 2008

White People Like Bicycles

"A good place to find white people on a Saturday is at a Bike Shop. Bike shops are almost entirely staffed and patronized by white people!

"But not all white people love bicycles in the same way, there is much diversity."
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From Stuff White People Like


Templeton said...

How come you and I are always looking at the same shit on the internet?

-kw said...

It must not be as vast as reported.

Anonymous said...

White people can't jump on their bicycles. What else does this blog have to further stereotype the human race? This is a put on, right?

rfresh said...

no anonymous, a blog about "things white people like" is to be taken very seriously.

p.s. take me seriously too

nacho_supreme said...

Also anonymous: The HUMAN race? That's racist!

nacho_supreme said...

(p.s. I'm totally kidding, btw.)