Friday, February 15, 2008

Is It Radio If It's On The Computer?

I can never catch what I want to catch on National Public Radio or on any radio for that matter.
It's my schedule — or lack of one — that's to blame. Or maybe it's my inability to sit by a radio for long stretches of time.
I am one of those folks who sits in front of a computer for long stretches of time, though. And not coincidentally, I'm listening to more radio then ever.
Also not coincidentally, I'm liking more radio than ever.

Radio Lab is at the top of my list (and Studio 360, and This American Life, and Fresh Air), but all NPR programming is available free and on-line — either through downloads, streaming, or by subscribing to podcasts — so now you can listen to whatever you want, whenever you want.

All this digital goodness, as well as the analog version, is free of advertising and suggestive sales pitches, the lack of which has been shown to have a calming effect lab rats. But don't forget — radio or not, schedule or not — NPR only works if it's supported through your donations.
Your inner lab rat thanks you.

Think globally, act locally, listen universally.


nacho_supreme said...

Check this out too!

sda said...

Radio lab rules. It made a road trip out to utah fly right by a couple weeks ago.

greg said...

and don't forget The Story...

Mike said...

My fave is On The Media. One episode on the i-pod makes housework fly by.