Monday, February 11, 2008


The North American Hand Made Bicycle Show was last weekend in Portland.

Cheryl and I happily paid our entrance fees and promptly ran into the GB of all PGGBs Nate.

After that it was a taut Cornhusker thread tying everything together with the Meschkes repping Signal Cycles, Rick Hunter repping Monkey Wrench, Steve Potts repping Nebraskans (scroll down to the bottom), and then we happily found out that Chris King’s ONLY print ad in any publication is in Lincoln Ve-Low.

Feeling good and proud of our homeland, we kept the streak alive with former NE GBs Katie, Kirk, and Chad. Honorary Huskers were there too, including Bob K, Kevin I, Michael L, Lori D, Michelle P, Natas K, Reese F, and over 4,000 other familiar friendlies.
I guess the whole shebang is going off again next year in Indy.
We're going to try hard to be there and suggest you all do the same.

Here's a flickr set of some of my photos for looking at with your eyes.


nic said...

see you next year then!

style detective said...

I'm looking for photos of the titanium sofa. Did you happen to take any that didn't make your flickr collection? cheers!

-kw said...

For a photo of Paragon Machine Works' ti couch click here.

munsoned said...

Wow! That link to the Natas bio was great. What a trip down memory lane. I remember watching Streets of Fire when I was into skating and being blown away by his ollie over the hydrant. Like others said on the film, his 720 (1080?) on the hydrant just made no sense.

Those were some good days, living on the board. Spending winters in the basement practicing tricks on the furniture, then staying outside all day in the summer. I miss skating.

mw said...

great pictures kevin. i didn't know you went till i read these words with my eyes and saw the pictures with my eyes too.