Sunday, February 20, 2011

Post Cruciate Ligament

I slammed on my knee last Thursday. I knew it was bad right when I did it. Fell about six feet straight to the joint right under the knee cap. It's where I usually fall, but this was a full-weight, full-speed thumper. I tried to get up super fast like squirrels do when they fall out of a tree. Almost like I was trying to get out of the way of the injury. Didn't work.

I've fallen like this before — a lot — but not for years. It's the kind of fall where what you hit doesn't even hurt that bad — the opposite side of where you hit takes the brunt of the slam. Like if you slam to your hip, your groin hurts from your femur tearing into your crotch. I hit my right knee on the front and right so the back left hurts. It's a bit of pcl and a bit of mcl aggravation, not sure about the tearing, but it's definitely sprained. The swelling is minimal, but it doesn't take much swelling inside the knee to make it tight and painful.

Still ... icing three times a day on two different spots on my knee. Ibuprofen too.

I'll go to the doc on Monday, but I know the drill: stay off of it, maybe see an orthopedic specialist, maybe see a physical therapist.

There's been improvement everyday, which I love. I can walk pretty good, but lifting my right leg while going up the stairs hurts.

I think I can ride. I might spin around for a half hour or so nice and easy. Get the blood going and stretch things out little. No skating, though.

Cyclists will say stop skating, just like the skaters question cycling after a bad crash.

I can think of like half a dozen people who do both and they won't say anything. They'd do what I'm doing: serve their sentence and then keep going.


ti said...

oh man, here's hoping your sentence is short.

cvo said...

never stop dude,

you can take my skate board and my bikes when you pry them outa my cold dead hands.

heal up buddy