Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Take Five

Had that xc ski day that everyone told me was going to happen soon. Great snow, proper kick stick, just-right layers, a good group of good guys, and three dogs.

Got in the Caravan when we finished and heard this song — this exact recording, actually. It'll probably turn out to be one of those times I associate forever with a piece of music, so I'm happy it's this good.

Thanks, Kris, Matt, Matt, and Butch. That was one of the times I've had.


mw said...

that's baddass. glad you found that. the rest of the night's radio program was not as inspirational. but the ski whooped me and that was good.

Peggy Wilkins said...

I love "take five" - nice
and I'm happy to hear someone is making good use of our weather this week :-)

Coach said...

Epiphany - I love when that happens!