Sunday, January 03, 2010


Okay. My mind's officially blown by this guy's stuff. I clicked through to see more of Wolf Ruck's work (The man behind This Is Cross-Country! below this post) and found this two parter on off-road cycling: Freewheelin' (Circa '85) Holy crap.

Keep your eyes peeled for some pioneer-era set-ups, some drop bars, some possible Cunninghams, some Type IIs, some WTB, some bull moose bars, OG Specialized Ned footy, bearded dudes on OG Ross stuff, some possible early Slickrock trials, some Vaurnet's, some mustachios, a dude getting trials radical on an old GT cruiser with a bash guard, an early purveyor of bibs over jersey, beachy bench trials, what might be the first use ever of the messenger-in-traffic fliming angle, and more five-pound helmets than you can shake a stick at.

Enjoy both parts.
Part 2.

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greasyknuckles said...

sweet!! that's Tracy Smith on the drop bar'd Cunningham, plus joe murray on the german national colored fisher.