Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekly Link Round-Up

The Black Hole is the best 2 min short film I can remember seeing. Via: Open Culture.

Dallas Clayton's poem for a stolen bike.
Something Else by Rick Moranis in the NY Times. Via: Monoscope.
The Mad Men office floor plan. Via: Slate.
Uncork a wine bottle with a bike pump.
Sneak peek (.pdf) of Jay-Z's new book of annotated Lyrics. Via: Vulture.
Things you don't need to take a picture of. I am guilty of all of them.
Oops, the dropped camera short film. Via: The Wife.
This makes me want to build a hobby horse.
Frank Chimero on how to have an idea.


Kellette said...

mad men office floor plan is missing some crucial rooms like bert cooper's office...just sayin'

mw said...

i wouldn't have anything to take pictures of if i went by that list...