Friday, May 21, 2010

Raw Milk

So we got the raw milk now. It's really cool and edgy.

This is my first experience with raw milk. I thought about it a little bit and even did a little research. Since I haven't ever seen it before. Nope, never had it before yesterday and I have got to say, it's pretty good. But in my research I found that you could get a little case of the heebeejeebees sometimes if you drink it. In fact it's not even legal to sell in almost half of these here good 'ol United States of America. Like i said, it's a hip drink. So anyway, it got me thinking about how California might legalize marijuana in November and how totally fucking weird that would be if you lived there. Then it got me thinking California and cool images, which got me thinking about Good Problem and that makes me wish JGB posted more often one of those images from my youth that totally fucks me up for a week. Like if you were living in California after they legalize weed.

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Joshua Stamper said...

Having grown up on a dairy, and worked internationally on grass fed dairy farms I can really appreciate raw milk. There is nothing like finishing morning milking, tapping the bulk tank, and enjoying milk that is still not yet completely cold. That being said, I would never purchase or consume raw milk from someone else (even if they did seem really wholesome at the farmers market). Be careful.