Friday, March 12, 2010


my good buddy -mk- likes to ride mountain bicycles and take really neat photographs, he also appreciates a handcrafted beer. he is a full fledged beer snob in the beer wonderland of colorado. when we discuss new beer, he likes to ask "desert island?" basically, asking if it makes the top five list? well, i turned the tables on -mk- this week and got his desert island picks. they've probably changed over the last 24 hours, but it's a nice list anyway.
Got a desert island list?

The Monks share Bad Behavior at Bricktop tonight.


thad said...


Goose Island Matilda
ODell's IPA
Dales Pale Ale


Acme (North Coast) Pale Ale
Miller High Life (to balance the scales)

Anonymous said...

that's real nice of you to feel bad for miller.

good list, and your comment won you a matilda next time i see you.